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I have been a licensed broker/agent for over 30 years and a lot has changed about selling, but a lot remains the same. It is not just price which keeps a house from selling. Often it has to do with the other two "P"s of Presentation and Promotion. I think there is a need for an unbiased third opinion, a consultant, as even the agent can be too close to the situation to see the solution.



I am not looking for your listing, nor to sell you a house. I will not even give you a referral. I will use my experience and my insight to determine changes which could be made to make your house or property more saleable. You can always reduce the price, and sometimes that is the problem. I will be truthful with my advice and blunt with my opinion. The rest will be up to you.

So, this is how it works:

  • After you have decided to use my services, please click on the payment button. After payment, you can proceed to the questionaire. I will analyse the computer and actual presentation, the area pricing, the promotions available to try to determine why the property has not sold.  I will not be receiving any funds from the sale of your house,  so I am charging the low fee of $25.00 up front.  You can take my advice or not.  


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After you have paid, please answer the questions on page two.  Please answer as truthfully as you can and add any information you think I may need to do my assessment.  Let's get the job done.

My promise to you

I will do the research and the work to try to determine why your property has  not sold.  You will receive the results via e mail.  I may have further questions. Please answer as soon as possible.  I promise to respond to you within 72 hours of your request.  And I promise not to sell any of your information to any agent or any mass e-mail markets.  I further promise that I will not start an e-mail campaign using your e-mail.  I would like your feed back concerning the web site and the service. 

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